Can You Get Pregnant With PCOS?

Can You Get Pregnant When You Have PCOS?

by Herman Weiss on Mar 05, 2023

When a patient walks into my office, and is all distraught because her last doctor said she has PCOS and is infertile, it takes me quite a bit of effort just to get her back to ground zero back to baseline. Often the physician who saw her before wants to send her out to the fertility specialist or just give her birth control pills and move on to the next patient. Needless to say this is damaging and can have lasting effects on patients wellness. An encouraging word, guidance and a treatment plan that she can stick to and be followed with, has been shown to be an effective first step in reversing PCOS. PCOS does not mean that a woman is infertile - it just means she needs to take some extra steps and precautions to ensure healthy fertility levels. It's like undoing damage from the inside out, and it takes time, effort, dedication and patience - not a snap of the fingers! Infertility is a very damaging word and I'm here to show my patients that although it may be a bumpy road, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that comes with its own comfort.

So if you're reading this and have been facing similar issues, then know that you are not alone in your battle for fertility. Reach out for help and take baby steps to get back on track - it's worth it! With some effort from all those involved, you could be well on your way to achieving your family goals sooner than later.

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Fertility and PCOS

Fertility isn't just about getting pregnant — it means having the chance to create life in a healthy way. PCOS can make this challenging, but not impossible. That's why I always tell my patients: don't give up hope of having a healthy pregnancy, but just be patient and stick with the plan. With the right strategy and commitment, you can reverse PCOS symptoms and make your dream of having a family come true. Everybody is different so everybody has a different path.

It's never too late to start working on your fertility health, so don't let PCOS get you down - there is hope! Talk to your doctor about potential lifestyle changes that could help you reach your reproductive goals. It did not develop overnight and certainly reversing it will not as well. The only thing that can happen in a snap of the finger is the attitude, the moment of clarity that tells you internally that it can be helped and it is in your power to do so. Now understanding what the individual patients needs are in the short, mid and long range. What works for one may not certainly work for the next, so working with your physician to understand what your goals are is critical. That’s the first step to taking control and improving your reproductive health. So, don't give up hope - PCOS can be worked through with commitment and dedication!

Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with PCOS

So what can be done some of the low hanging fruit, as I like to say, diet, exercise, and nutrition. Understand what diet works best for you. DON'T go on Instagram and follow some guru who has cured her PCOs with this diet or that exercise regimen. You need to follow your path, you can get motivated and stay motivated by hearing inspirational stories and follow easy and tasty recipes. But understand why these combinations are being recommended, and why these are good exercises and these are not. I find it easier to target small changes, if you are already walking during the day to work or similar, then walk 10 minutes longer and a different route. Prepare healthier snacks the night before, think about your meal plan for the day. Take the proper supplements that can aid in improving insulin sensitivity and decrease your androgen levels in your body.

Long Term Benefits of PCOS Management

Small wins. But don't expect immediate results, you need to build a resume, 1 day turns into a week into a month into 6 months into a year. I have seen very important changes after a few weeks with patients that remain motivated, and success breeds further success. That's when changes start to happen and you will see the long term benefits of PCOS management through proper diet, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices. If you stick with it and stay motivated, you can still achieve your fertility goals. So take heart, know that you are not alone in this fight against PCOS.

Good luck on your journey to a healthy fertility level! I'm here for you each step of the way. If you have any questions about how best to manage your PCOS symptoms, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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